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It’s about to hit the warmer months in Australia, which means trips down to the beach and sausage sizzles. It also means that while you are Slip-Slop-Slapping your body, your car will be under extra strain. Here are a few parts of your car that are easily heat-damaged and that you should pay extra attention to during the summer.



Checking your tyres regularly for proper inflation is one of the easiest ways to prevent blowouts caused by increased pressure. Tyres should be inflated to an optimal 35 PSI, which should be checked before hitting the road for longer trips.


One of the most common heat damages is to the battery. Battery failure can happen when excessive heat causes the water in it to evaporate – exposing the inside lead plates directly to battery acid. You may not notice the effects right away, but will during the next season when your battery shorts out. Keep your battery clean and get rid of any corrosion with steel wool and a bicarbonate and water mixture. Have a mechanic check your battery during the next tune-up.


Your car’s oil is what lubricates the engine – and during the summer heat it needs as much as it can get. Make sure you’re changing your oil regularly, and using the right viscosity as recommended in your owner’s manual. Oil should be changed every 10,000 Km’s or so.

Coolant and Radiator

Your radiator will be off of its holiday during the summer months. If you start to smell coolant or see steam coming out from under your car, check for radiator damage immediately. Excessive heat on the engine due to radiator failure can lead to long-term irreparable damage. Heat can also cause cracks in the tubes, and can evaporate the coolant. In addition to regular maintenance and checks for fans, belts and hoses, make sure you regularly replace your coolant.


Your transmission can be under strain especially in the heat. As the functioning heart of the car and one of the more expensive parts to replace, make sure you have it regularly checked, including fluid and filter changes, every 50,000 Km’s. Try not to carry particularly heavy loads to reduce the strain on your transmission.

The Interior

Having a basic sun shade for your vehicle can help keep you and your passengers a bit cooler when you first step in – as well as help protect your upholstery or leather seats.

Remember to park in the shade or in a garage when you can – sun exposure can fade the paint on your exterior, damage the interior, and evaporate all of your fluids including coolant, oil, transmission, and power-steering.

Have fun this summer on your road trips, but make sure your car is ready for them! Regularly check all of the above to minimize damage from the hot Aussie sun and contact the guys at Perth Parts if you have a query or need to replace car parts that have been damaged in the summer heat.