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If you want to buy a new car but don’t have the budget for one, you may want to consider upgrading your old vehicle to make it look and feel new. The upgrades don’t cost much and they’ll leave your car looking fresh. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Work on the Exterior

If the paint looks dull and the exterior looks quite worn out, repaint the car. Touch-up paints are ideal for small scratches and stone chips. You’ll have to follow many steps to complete the procedure like a professional, which means you’ll have to wash the area, sand it, apply primer followed by a basecoat, then a clear coat and finally a rubbing compound. If you want to paint the entire car, ask the professionals for a quote. Repainting will cost you a fraction of the cost of buying a new car.

  1. Fix the Interiors

Take a look at your dash, steering wheel and buttons. Is there anything that needs replacing? Buttons, steering wheel covers and dashboard covers don’t cost much, but they make a big difference to the look of your vehicle.

Don’t forget to look at your car seats as well. If they’re ripped or stained, pick up new seat covers. This will prevent your seats from getting damaged even further. If you don’t like the idea of using seat covers, contact a few car wreckers in your area to find out if they have used car seats that are in good condition. You might just find ones that look incredible.

  1. Wheels

You need a good set of wheels to keep your car up and running. If you’re stuck with an older model that has cheap wheels, you’re probably looking at pretty worn-out wheels by now. Replace them with modern wheels that cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars. They transform your old vehicle, making it look more road-worthy.

  1. Improve Illumination

Improve your vehicle’s illumination by installing new headlights or LED dash lights. This allows you to see clearly and it gives your car a small but noticeable facelift.

  1. Give it a Good Wash Down

By wash-down, we’re not only referring to the exteriors. We’re talking about the interiors as well. Get rid of all the dirt that’s tucked away in the seats and thoroughly clean floor mats, windows, and the dashboard. Use high-quality non-abrasive products or send your car for a professional shampoo and clean.

Lastly, consider replacing your old radio with a new sound system. If you shop online, you’ll likely find one with iPod and smartphone compatibility for no more than a hundred dollars. You don’t have to replace everything mentioned here. Identify areas that require immediate change and work on those first.

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  1. Sometime good knowledge is not enough to drive a car, but practical experience makes a better driver.

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    Great. Replace old car parts with other good used car parts gives new look to a vehicle. Before you look for brand new parts, consider some of the benefits to of used auto parts instead.

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