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These days fuel isn’t cheap, and even the little hatchbacks with awesome fuel economy are getting more and more expensive to keep on the road. If you shop around for cheaper fuel prices, you need to read these tips to help in other ways to reduce your fuel consumption. Who knows there might be something here you never thought would contribute to your fuel economy. Read on for our top tips in boosting your fuel economy to save you at the pump.


That bag of clothes that’s been floating around your boot for a few months, or the boxes you have meant to take somewhere, even the roof racks not being used on your roof all have an impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy, no matter what kind of car you drive. Weight and extra additions to the car can weigh it down, meaning everything has to work harder to get going and use more fuel. So, take the clothes to the charity bins, put the boxes in the bin and take the roof racks off when not in use.

Regular Services

Regular car servicing is a no brainer and an absolute must for both performance and safety. A service will top up your engine liquids including oils and also change filters which become clogged and filthy, impeding on your car’s optimal performance. All of these things can bump your performance down a peg or two and increase your fuel consumption. Pay attention to your owners manual and service your car as close to manufacturer recommendations as possible.

Tyre Pressure

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure? You should check them every couple of weeks, or a good time to do it is when you are getting fuel. Properly inflated tyres works to assist with fuel economy and consumption. So, make sure you always have the right pressure, or you could be lowering your fuel economy with your tyre pressure.

Throttle Control

This one is a no brainer, slow down. You do not need to constantly speed up and then come to a stop, especially in that peak hour traffic you sit in every day. Every sudden speed up and stop costs you more fuel and the last thing anyone wants is to rear end the car in front or be rear ended.

Trip Count

It takes a few kilometres for your car to actual reach fuel efficiency, so if you are making lots of little trips less than 5km, you are chewing through your fuel and you don’t even know it. Combine all your small trips into one big one, and you will start to see better fuel consumption.

Filling Up

There are so many fuel tracking apps, and specials out there its easy to get confused. These are great resources though for planning on when to get fuel at the cheapest places. Also consider what time of day you fill up. Something you might not know is that fuel expands when it heats up and so during the day you might not be getting as much fuel as during the evenings or first thing before the tanks have heated up. Don’t forget, your supermarkets still have fuel vouchers as another option for saving a little more at the bowser.

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