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Are you road tripping this Christmas and New Year break? Make sure you aren’t left on the side of the road by ensuring your vehicle is in tip top shape, before you set out on your adventure. For most of us Christmas is the largest break from work of the year and some of us like to escape the rat race and take the car, hit the road and see where it takes us. We’ve put together some handy hints and things to check before you set off on your Christmas adventure.

Whether you’re heading to the coast or inland, a long car journey requires patience and a little more preparation. The last thing you want is a breakdown halfway between home and your chosen destination. A lot that can go awry with a car and so these tips are designed to give you a checklist to work through and take your vehicle to a mechanic for a check-up or complete a basic check-up yourself with the help of our previous post Maintaining your vehicle – Know the basics.

Prevention is always the best medicine

Try to see your mechanic about two to three weeks before your Christmas trip. This leaves time for major issues to be rectified and if anything doesn’t quite feel right you still have time to take it back for a recheck. Keep in mind everyone loves a holiday so your mechanic may be closed over the holiday period, making it a lot busier in the lead up, so make sure you book early.

Your mechanic will check of a list of items to check on and in your car, and these can include fluids, wiper blades, battery charge, lights, tyres, brake pads, oil filter and timing belt and spark plugs. If you are heading off road, you should let your mechanic know so they know to check the suspension as well.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your spare tyre is in good working order, and the tools you need to change it are in an easily accessible place.

Have help ready and waiting

Australia has several clubs and associations offering road side assistance, and some insurance companies also offer this service for an extra cost. These can be invaluable, particularly if you’re not confident you can resolve every issue that may arise. Check out these options prior to your trip and consider joining or adding to your insurance policy.

Clean the car!

It may seem like a small task, however, cleaning the car means you’re not taking unnecessary items and have more room for the stuff that matters. Plus, you might find more spare change in the cup holder than expected, and have enough to buy a treat for cleaning out the car.

Emergency kits

Having a “just in case” kit ready to go could be the difference between peace of mind and sheer frustration if you’re waiting for someone to assist you or need to change the tyre on the side of the road. Handy items to include or at least have accessible in the vehicle are a poncho in case it’s raining, small tool box with basic tools and items, tyre gauge, torches, maps, first aid kit, gloves, jumper cables, and snacks as well as a few spare bottles of water.

These are just a few quick tips to get you started for your Christmas adventure. These tips should mean your trip is a little more relaxing and lessen the stress if something does go awry.

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