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Could it be time to replace some of the parts that make up your car? Not sure if you have the budget to buy a brand new car parts? These days it’s easy to obtain quality parts from auto wreckers like Perth Parts and all at a reasonable price, with a warranty as well. Read on for why auto wreckers, Perth Parts, are at the forefront of quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective parts for a range of vehicles. We have also included some tips to help you keep your spare parts working well into the future.

Are you keeping up with regular maintenance?

Ensuring your vehicle is regularly maintained is one way of making sure your parts, whether new or spare, are performing at their peak for longer. On occasion, you may need to replace parts as they get damaged, worn or simply fail to operate as they should. In this new technological landscape, searching for economical solutions to problems, like needing spare parts, is so much easier. We are always looking for a cheaper price for everything; and to get a hold of spare parts that are cost-effective and sustain the quality needed for optimal performance, who could beat that?  This is where Perth Auto Wreckers like Perth Parts are champions of their league.

Perth Parts are always on the lookout for premium quality spare parts, so they can provide superior auto spare parts for their customers across the country and in Perth.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Characteristically, an auto wrecker like Perth Parts will buy a variety of used vehicles including damaged, discarded or unwanted cars. Perth Parts then responsibly removes the salvageable spare parts and makes them fit for reuse as quality spare parts. Perth Parts will only restore and provide warranties on quality parts. This process ensures that demand for new parts drops which in turn helps the environment by using fewer resources to create the new parts and the old parts don’t end up in a landfill. There is nothing operationally wrong with these parts, it’s only that they are not brand new in a box. This is why Perth Parts provides their replacement warranty on refurbished parts.

Cost Effective for your hip pocket

If you’re looking to replace parts in your car, odds are the warranty on your vehicle has run out. Buying brand new parts for your vehicle can be quite expensive, particularly if you’re buying a few new parts at once. This is where auto wreckers like Perth Parts come to the rescue with cheap, quality spare parts at fraction of the cost of their new counterparts. You can often get almost brand new parts, in perfect working order, they just happened to come from a vehicle damaged in an accident. That should keep the hip pocket happy!

Finding those rare parts

As auto wreckers, Perth Parts can come to your rescue, for car parts that may prove difficult to find. Especially when the manufacturer of your vehicle is new to the market like Foton or Great Wall or there is a limited supply of a particular part. Perth Parts have experience providing or sourcing rare or hard to find spare parts for their clients through their partner network. So it pays to talk to the friendly team at Perth Parts if you’re looking for a rare gem.

Auto Wreckers are the best option

Auto wreckers, like Perth Parts, buy all makes and models of vehicles whether they be old or damaged or both. So auto wreckers are really providing the same parts as a supplier with new products and at a fraction of the cost. All because the vehicle was not suitable for driving anymore. Auto Wreckers might even be something to consider if you are selling a car that probably shouldn’t be on the road anymore. While older cars tend to release more carbon monoxide, using spare parts from auto wreckers like Perth Parts can offset this impact on the environment; which can only be a good thing.

Perth Parts is the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas and we ship across Australia. We make buying Perth spare parts and accessories effortless. If you cannot find your replacement part, call our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you find the missing part or source