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There can be various benefits when it comes to buying used 4wd parts. One that you would notice straight away is the substantial amount you save by choosing 4wd genuine used parts when replacing your auto parts, of course we don’t need to tell you that this is the main reason when it comes to buying second-hand parts over new parts.

4wd used parts have been a huge part of our sourced parts, because it allows us to provide quality genuine parts for all types of makes and models of 4X4. We wanted to expand on the savings you’ll make and a list of the other benefits from choosing 4wd used parts in Perth.

1.Saving on the bottom line
when buying recycled used parts you not only get a great product but it will cost you half the price in most cases.

2.Safety and Quality
Perth Parts make sure all parts are safety checked before selling any used parts from our company. Genuine second-hand parts are designed to fit specifically to your vehicle for a prolonged period of time.

3.Guaranteed and Warranted
Guaranteed and warranted against any faults or deficiencies for our used parts.

With all our 4wd used parts comes sound knowledge and advice from our experienced team.

5.Minimise Environment Impact
By recycling parts we are able to offer hugely competitive and under market prices on used auto parts giving you the peace of mind that you are doing your part to minimise environmental impact.

6.Quicker Repairs
When you have access to one of the largest ranges of Perth Parts you have a quicker repair time.

These are some of the benefits for using used auto parts over new parts. You’ll not only save a lot but also minimise environmental impact and you’re more likely find the part you’re looking for the first time.


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  1. Tomas Killington says:

    My uncle has an old Mazda he loves to work on as a hobby. He has been considering different parts options to make the car run as smoothly as possible. I didn’t realize using genuine used parts minimizes the impact on the environment my recycling metal components. I’ll be sure to tell my uncle about this benefit.

  2. Advance Car says:

    car wreckers are also experts when it comes to car parts, they sell a genuine and guaranteed safe parts for a lower price which is more convenient for those car owners has a tight budget.

  3. I am actually pro-recycling, so when you said that buying used car parts will give the buyer a peace of mind knowing that they helped reduce environmental impact, I was thrilled. The only problem that I foresee right now is that I have a vintage Chevy truck and I’m worried that I might not be able to find a match for it in salvage shops. I’ll get in touch with a professional and see what items are available in their shop. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Kylie Dotts says:

    I like how you said that a used auto part will normally cost you half of what a normal car part would. My husband loves to tinker and one of our cars just died and won’t start. It sounds like we will need a few pieces to replace in order to get it working again. If we could get into a salvage yard and buy some new parts it seems like it could save us some money!

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  6. I appreciate the tips on buying used auto parts. I agree that there are seriously so many benefits to buying used parts, they can save you money but they also save the environment. My brother is in need of some parts for his car, I will be sure to share these tips with him.

  7. very fascinating article. I appreciate your work. I agree with you.

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