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6 TipsSave your Fuel! BLOG06/03/2021

These days fuel isn’t cheap, and even the little hatchbacks with awesome fuel economy are getting more and more expensive to keep on the road. If you shop around for cheaper fuel prices, you need to read these tips to help in other ways to reduce your fuel consumption. Who knows there might be something here you never thought would contribute to your fuel economy. Read on for our top tips in boosting your fuel economy to save you at the pump. READ MORE

Wrecking and Recycling Suzukis in Perth BLOG06/03/2021

Suzuki is one of the most popular Japanese car brands on the market. With super punchy little cars, with a lot of get up and go, Suzuki are the choice for a lot of safety conscious drivers. The older 4WD models are also still really popular among enthusiasts. What happens though when you need a part for a specific vehicle that isn’t manufactured anymore or is so expensive brand new it would be cheaper simply just to sell the car? You come to the team at Perth Parts for everything you could need from most of the Suzuki range. READ MORE

Jeep Parts Perth – We have the parts for your model BLOG06/03/2021

Got a Jeep? Looking for spare parts for that trip off road? Look no further than the team at Perth Parts. Some of the components of your vehicle are put to the test and will sometimes fail on big trips, especially in off road situations. Its always a good idea to carry spare parts with you. READ MORE

Holiday road trip time? – 644 BLOG08/12/2020

With the holiday season upon us, it’s almost time for the annual family road trip or holiday. Even in these current times, it’s easy to say there will still be a number of families travelling around the country via the roads this holiday break. Whether it’s to visit family for Christmas, or to take a well earned break and see parts of the country not seen or even just to your favourite holiday spot.


Repair or Replace Parts– When you know its time – 621 BLOG14/11/2020

Have you been taking your car to the mechanic more often lately? Or noticed you have to complete more and more maintenance in between servicing? It may be time to say goodbye to your car to a newer and more reliable vehicle. There are times when your car might just need a little extra love, and can be saved, you just need to choose what your threshold is. What do you need to

Radiator Issues and How to fix them BLOG06/10/2020

Radiators are important to every vehicle. Responsible for assisting in cooling your engine and keeping it running at the right temperature. So, when radiators blow up or start to fail there are a couple of signs to look out for. They are simple symptoms, and an easy fix in most cases. We run through the easiest ways to replace your radiator when it does start to fail. READ MORE

Perth Parts – The Home of Triton Spare Parts BLOG05/09/2020DIY05/09/2020

Nothing frightens a Triton! Well, almost nothing. Mitsubishi released its answer to the Toyota HiLux in 1986 and over the decades we have seen the Triton evolve. Whether it’s a dual or single cab, two or four wheel drive options, alloy or style side trays, the options keep coming. Over the years, the Triton has also faced increased competition in the utility market, and is still a strong player, ranging in price from $22,500 to $55,000 depending on the model and extras. READ MORE

Getting the most life out of your vehicle – Handy Tips and Tricks BLOG09/07/2020

Cars are fickle by nature and can be precious machines. With lots of moving parts and integral components, it’s easy for something to let go, or simply wear due to age. With these simple tips and tricks though, you can extend the life of those precious parts of your car and keep it on the road running smoother for longer. There are so many ways to increase the lifespan of your vehicle components, in its simplest form, the best advice is to simply look after your vehicle. READ MORE

Perth Parts: New or Used? Some parts for your car are better recycled BLOG10/06/2020

When it comes to recycled and spare parts, you will find no bigger experts than the team at Perth Parts. In fact, the team are not only experts, but also passionate, so they love what they do and at the heart of what they do is help their customers find the best deal and best parts for their needs. So, when it comes to the age-old question: Which is better? Old or New? The team at Perth Parts might be a bit biased, but truth be told there are times where your vehicle, and your hip pocket, would benefit from a recycled part over a new one.


Recycled Parts are perfectly safe BLOG07/05/2020

Have you been searching for parts for your vehicle to no avail? Or the parts you do find are cost prohibitive or are low quality knock offs? Maybe it’s time to reconsider the high-quality recycled parts on offer at Perth Parts. Recycled Parts sound like they might be lacking in the safety department, or may malfunction, costing you more in the long run. This is a common myth we are here to debunk. Recycled parts are as safe as brand new, they just came from a vehicle that could no longer use them.