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Perth Parts: Now in stock: LDV T60 and T90 parts BLOG15/04/2020

At Perth Parts we are always on the lookout for new vehicle parts to stock. As new manufacturers come on the market, and new models are developed, our team looks for the parts so we can serve you, our customers, better and more broadly.

Top tips for keeping your car running during isolation BLOG13/04/2020

Cars are not built to sit around and gather dust. If you go away for holidays, you ask someone to look after your car for you or you at least ask someone to start it every few days. This keeps the fluids running through the engine and stops them from settling and causing your engine to seize.

The most requested spare parts – We have them all! BLOG10/02/2020DIY10/02/2020

Any decent spare parts supplier will tell you they have popular and not so popular parts on their shelves. Whether you need a used panel or a secondhand alternator, quite often you will find these parts at Perth Parts for whatever make or model we have. We even have specialised parts available. If you want to check out our inventory, our website allows you do just that 24 hours a day, through our online parts finder.


Why it’s important to recycle car parts BLOG07/01/2020

Over half a million cars each year end up in auto recyclers and wrecker yards across Australia every year. Recycling car parts is becoming more and more popular, not just for the benefit to the environment but also for the hip pocket. Still, more and more vehicles make their way to landfill, and these vehicles still have very useable parts.


Tips for buying Recycled Parts Online – What you need to know – 608 BLOG05/12/2019

Buying anything online can be a daunting experience and buying second-hand car parts is no different. The process doesn’t need to be difficult, as long as you can follow our handy tips and tricks, you will be a part buying expert in no time.

Why Demand for Spare Parts in Perth is on the up and up! BLOG10/11/2019DIY10/11/2019

Spare parts are not a thing of the past, more and more customers, including mechanics and servicing workshops are sourcing original parts for their vehicles over cheap and often universal parts. Why? There are many reasons, however the key reason is viability. A genuine part for your vehicle will perform better than an aftermarket or cheap version as it was made specifically for your vehicle, not just to fit your vehicle along with 100 other makes and models.

Trying to Source Hard to Find Parts in Perth? – We have you covered. BLOG09/09/2019

The team here at Perth Parts pride ourselves on our extensive catalog of spare parts and panels for an expansive range of late model vehicle makes and models. From hatchbacks to vans to four-wheel drives, we cater to a large range of vehicles and their owners. Our special brand of makes are Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Great Wall, Foton Tunland but we also specialize in Jeep, Chrysler, Holden SUV & 4X4, Ford SUV & 4×4, Volkswagen Golf & Amarok. Even though our range is extensive there are always some hard-to-find or rare parts. Although we love a challenge, some of our clients have provided some curly asks over the years. READ MORE

Why Recycled parts are the way of the future. BLOG07/08/2019

Fun Fact: a large portion, around 90%, of every vehicle on Australian Roads is able to be recycled. Most of the individual components of a vehicle are able to be recycled, usually, if the part is in good working order. You might be able to scoop up a bargain at your local spare parts specialists and auto wreckers, Perth Parts, servicing the whole country from a warehouse in Perth. Reusing spare parts, whether you are picking up a new transmission, or a body panel has a secondary benefit. Not only are you saving money, you are also helping the environment by reducing demand on manufacturers for the brand-new part. READ MORE

Perth 4WD Tips for beginners BLOG02/07/2019

Australia has a lot of hidden places to explore, unfortunately, some of the best places require a four-wheel drive to get there. Of course, with this kind of adventure, there are bound to be mishaps and accidents. So how do you keep from exploding the cost of owning a 4WD? You talk to Perth Parts whenever you need new parts for your vehicle to get it back off road in no time, at a reasonable cost. Perth Parts have a range of 4WD parts and panels in stock ready to go as well as a partner network on standby ready to assist. We have also put together a few tips to avoid accidents and issues on the road less travelled, but if something does go wrong, you know which team is here to help you back on track and having fun in your new, or old, 4WD.


Holden Colorado Transmissions and Engines Now Available in Perth! BLOG19/06/2019NEWS & INFO19/06/2019Uncategorized19/06/2019

As leading Perth auto recyclers, the team at Perth Parts are excited as we now have Holden Colorado Engine and Transmissions in our parts catalogue. As the four wheel drives become more popular, we expect to continue stocking many parts across the Colorado and Colorado 7 range.