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Holden Colorado Transmissions and Engines Now Available in Perth! BLOG19/06/2019NEWS & INFO19/06/2019Uncategorized19/06/2019

As leading Perth auto recyclers, the team at Perth Parts are excited as we now have Holden Colorado Engine and Transmissions in our parts catalogue. As the four wheel drives become more popular, we expect to continue stocking many parts across the Colorado and Colorado 7 range.


Looking for spare parts for you vehicle – Here’s your Perth Parts solution. BLOG11/06/2019DIY11/06/2019NEWS & INFO11/06/2019

Whether you are a consummate professional or a hands-on car enthusiast, Perth Parts is your one stop shop for all types of reconditioned and recyclable parts across a range of makes and models. At Perth parts, we have been providing recycled parts of a range of vehicles from small hatch backs to large four wheel drives and everything in between to the Australian mechanic and motorist for well over 20 years, and we are more than happy to source parts we don’t stock through our reliable partner network.


The Volkswagen Golf arrives at Perth Parts! BLOG01/10/2018NEWS & INFO01/10/2018

The friendly team at Perth Parts are environment and safety conscious auto salvagers, recyclers and wreckers in Perth. We pride ourselves on quality parts and impeccable service and it is always exciting for the team to add a new make or model of vehicle to our every growing list of vehicles we have on offer for spare parts. READ MORE

Replacing Parts at a fraction of the cost of new BLOG08/09/2018NEWS & INFO08/09/2018

A vehicle of any kind can be a large and expensive purchase and ongoing expense. However, there are a heap of ways to reduce vehicle maintenance costs. We take a look at the top three ways to reduce the cost of maintaining your car. Our reputation for sourcing the perfect spare parts precedes us, READ MORE

Replacing Parts at a fraction of the cost of new BLOG10/08/2018NEWS & INFO10/08/2018

The team at Perth Parts takes great pride in their established reputation for sourcing the best spare car parts for a variety of vehicles and the peace of mind of warranties and guarantees. We are open to the general public and professionals alike. Replacing parts in your vehicle can be expensive, but with superior parts at Perth Parts, it doesn’t have to be. READ MORE

Auto Wreckers – The Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Option BLOG12/07/2018NEWS & INFO12/07/2018

At Perth Parts, our reputation precedes us. We have a long established reputation for offering quality used and recycled parts for a wide range of make and model vehicles. We are instore and online and we serve all customers whether they are looking for the single part, selling their vehicle or a mechanic looking for cost effective solutions for their clients.


Replacing Parts at a fraction of the cost of new BLOG12/06/2018NEWS & INFO12/06/2018

Perth Parts has a reputation for sourcing spare car parts for a range of makes and models backed by warranties and guarantees on the parts we sell. READ MORE

Engine need replacing? What to look for and how recycled parts can save you money – 586 BLOG15/05/2018NEWS & INFO15/05/2018

Hear a strange knocking sound while you’re driving? Or is your temperature gauge running red hot? These are just two signs your engine is not coping and may need major work or replacement. Once you know what you need, it makes it easy to source parts and get you back on the road in no time. The team here at Perth Parts have put together a list of some of the things you should keep an ear or an eye out for, that may indicate larger issues in your engine bay.


Are you a mechanic looking to save on costs for your clients? BLOG19/04/2018NEWS & INFO19/04/2018

Perth Parts has established a reputation for sourcing impeccable spare car parts for a range of makes and models and we provide peace of mind with warranties and guarantees on the parts we sell.We are open not just to the general public but to professionals as well. So if you’re looking for a parts dealer, read on to find out why Perth Parts are the premier parts dealer across Perth and servicing Australia as a whole.


Auto Wreckers – The environmentally friendly option BLOG13/03/2018NEWS & INFO13/03/2018

Could it be time to replace some of the parts that make up your car? Not sure if you have the budget to buy a brand new car parts? These days it’s easy to obtain quality parts from auto wreckers like Perth Parts and all at a reasonable price, with a warranty as well. Read on for why auto wreckers, Perth Parts, are at the forefront of quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective parts for a range of vehicles. We have also included some tips to help you keep your spare parts working well into the future.