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Holden Colorado Transmissions and Engines Now Available in Perth! BLOG19/06/2019NEWS & INFO19/06/2019Uncategorized19/06/2019

As leading Perth auto recyclers, the team at Perth Parts are excited as we now have Holden Colorado Engine and Transmissions in our parts catalogue. As the four wheel drives become more popular, we expect to continue stocking many parts across the Colorado and Colorado 7 range.


Jeep Auto Parts – Car Wreckers Perth Uncategorized05/09/2017

Courtesy of their purpose and function as an off-road mode of transport, jeeps are most likely to encounter heavy damage and destruction. Due to their frequent contact with the catastrophic elements of nature, the spare Jeep parts are heavily sought after. READ MORE

Is it Worth Buying Recycled Parts for Asian & Japanese model Vehicles? BLOG20/06/2017Uncategorized20/06/2017

There are a whole host of new Asian vehicle manufacturers popping up and the Australian market, especially Perth, is a prime destination for these new cars, utes, 4X4s and commercials.

Because they are so new and at this point in time their numbers are quite low it is probably a bit early to tell whether dealer warranties are going to cover the natural lifespan of their components. READ MORE

When Looking For Parts, These Are Your Best Options Uncategorized10/05/2017

If you are looking for spare parts from wreckers you can trust for your beloved car, look no further and read the below for your best options. Perth Parts located in Malaga, Western Australia specialises in used genuine automotive parts for cars, SUV, 4wd and 4×4. READ MORE

Benefits of buying 4wd genuine used parts BLOG14/03/2017Uncategorized14/03/2017

There can be various benefits when it comes to buying used 4wd parts. One that you would notice straight away is the substantial amount you save by choosing 4wd genuine used parts when replacing your auto parts, of course we don’t need to tell you that this is the main READ MORE