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Hear a strange knocking sound while you’re driving? Or is your temperature gauge running red hot? These are just two signs your engine is not coping and may need major work or replacement. Once you know what you need, it makes it easy to source parts and get you back on the road in no time. The team here at Perth Parts have put together a list of some of the things you should keep an ear or an eye out for, that may indicate larger issues in your engine bay.

Odd Noises

If something is rattling or making strange noises in your engine bay, it is time to take it to a mechanic or to take a look yourself to try and identify which components have come loose or are starting to fail. These noises are the ones you can’t ignore, as these could be the warning signs for bigger problems. The noises may seem insignificant, or not worth the attention, however the longer they are left, the more likely it is to get worse over time. So repairs and maintenance should not be left too long after you first hear the noises.


An overheating car is possibly the second biggest indicator there is a major problem with the engine block and this one cannot be ignored. An overheating engine is one the needs immediate attention and you should seek advice immediately. If you regularly check the engine or even when you top up the engine oil, check there is no rust forming around the radiator and that your coolant levels are always above the low level on the reservoir. Having your engine overheat is a signal that the engine isn’t working as efficiently or is not getting enough cooling, whether that be through coolant or cold air intakes. It is easy to severely and irreparably damage engine that has overheated. This is where a clean & tested refurbished engine from Perth Parts would be your cost effective alternative, if it came to replacing the engine completely.

Oil Leaks

If you find fresh oil patches on your driveway or notice that your vehicle seems to use a lot of oil, it could be a sign that the drain plug, gaskets or seals are damaged or starting to wear. These parts are simple enough to fix, you would just need to replace the parts and oil to get the engine performing properly again.

Delayed starting

Another key indication your engine is struggling and may need replacement is if your engine takes more than a few seconds to turn over. If your car takes more than a few moments, it’s time to seek advice on the problems that might be going on.
Now if all of these issues lead to you needing to replace the engine in your car, the first place you should look is Perth Parts for your reconditioned, recycled auto parts. Our recycled parts are put through a strict quality control process as are any refurbished parts. We also offer warranties on our parts so you can have peace of mind that you are saving money and helping the environment by buying recycled parts from your local Perth auto wreckers, Perth Parts.
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