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Whether its school holidays or the weekend, one thing is for sure, the kids need entertaining. Why not give them skills that will help them in later life by showing them the basics of vehicle maintenance whilst they are still fascinated by everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re restoring an old classic or just changing the oil on the daily driver, they will love to lend a hand and you will need spare parts. Those two simple things are just facts of life. While you’re getting help with your chores, the kids will learn valuable skills for when they are older and will remember that valuable time they spent. Teach them how to care for their future vehicles, and help them learn the basics.

We’ve put together a few little tasks that even the smallest of future mechanics can help with.

Washing the Car

Who doesn’t love helping wash the car? There is every chance you’re going to have fun with the hose and if mum and dad get wet in the process, the giggles are guaranteed for hours. Washing the car doubles as a way to introduce the children to different areas and parts of the car, how to look after them and that cleaning the car on a regular basis is not just for a shiny paint job. Kids love to get messy, so give them the bucket with the suds and a sponge and let them go to town. Show them why it’s important to start from the top and work their way down, or however, you like to wash your car.

Changing Brakes and Belts

Changing things like belts and brakes might be a little too much for young kids, you can always show them how to change tyres and leave the harder stuff for older kids who can see into the engine bay. When changing vital parts like the brakes or any belts or even topping up the oil, you have an opportunity to also teach them how an engine works and give them a little extra knowledge. Learning to change spark plugs is also a good idea as it can save time and money for any car owner and would be valuable skills to any young driver with their first car.

Battery Upkeep

This is definitely one for the older kids, learning how to jump-start or charge a battery are valuable skills all young drivers should have and a vital life lesson. We should all learn how to do at some point, so why not start early.

Restoring Old Vehicles

Here is the fun part. Having a project car is a way of having fun and using skills to build something to be proud of. What better story to tell than restoring a classic with your children. Here is where the trips to auto wreckers and spare parts retailers like Perth Parts comes into play. What kid doesn’t love hanging out in the garage and going for trips to explore the wreckers?

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  1. Jade young says:

    A lot of things in which kids could participate and could provide suitable assistance in accomplishing the job successfully. Car needs maintenance at a regular interval and kids could help for the maintenance of the vehicle. However, inspection of complicated components like timing belts and chain should be done by adults. The condition of the brake components needs to be inspected properly. Different types of fluids used in the vehicle needs to be inspected at a regular interval. Prior to the leaving for a long road trip, the condition of different components of the vehicle needs to be inspected and replacement of damaged components is really necessary.

  2. Scrapper says:

    Great advice. And much like the image in this post I used to love getting taken to the local wrecking yard with my Dad when he was working on any number of his “projects”. Never know what you might find in the scrap yard. Often some real gems in there that people throw away!

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