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Cars are fickle by nature and can be precious machines. With lots of moving parts and integral components, it’s easy for something to let go, or simply wear due to age. With these simple tips and tricks though, you can extend the life of those precious parts of your car and keep it on the road running smoother for longer. There are so many ways to increase the lifespan of your vehicle components, in its simplest form, the best advice is to simply look after your vehicle. What does that mean exactly though? Does it mean half yearly servicing? Weekly washes? Not driving it too often or for too long? We have put together a handy list of the most common reason cars find themselves in a mechanic’s workshop needing some extra work to get it back to optimal again. So, whether you have heard this advice, or maybe discover something new, read on for Perth Parts tips and tricks to keeping your pride and joy off the mechanic’s hoist and your hip pocket can breathe a sigh of relief.

Warm up

We do it at the gym, so why not do it for our cars. We warm up our bodies to make them more limber and prevent injuries and strains, the same principle should apply to your car. So when you first want to step out, let your vehicle warm up for a few minutes before taking off. Especially on colder mornings, this allows your engine’s fluids to circulate and lubricate your engine. If you haven’t driven your car for a few days, it is essential you don’t take off before warming your car up. When sitting fluids tend to drain back to their reservoirs, so the little extra idle time will help keep those fluids flowing and your engine humming.

Cool Down

Whilst your engine has a cooling system, if you are driving long distance, or have been sitting in traffic for some time, your engine is pretty hot. Contrary to the warm up though, you do not need to let your engine idle for a few minutes before turning it off. Turbocharged cars may need a little cooling time, but not too much or you risk glazing the engine cylinders smooth, which leads to the engine oil not being able to grip onto anything or lubricate properly, and the last thing you want is a cooked engine. Especially at the significant cost to replace.

Ride it….Or Please Don’t

Watch your clutch. Riding the clutch in any situation, be it a tricky hill start or between shifts, shortens the life of your clutch dramatically. Just leave it alone. Unless you are shifting gears or taking off or stopping, your foot should be nowhere near the clutch.


Quick stops and changes in direction are not good in most cases, when it comes to your transmission, its really bad. So that grinding noise you hear when you shift from reverse to first, or vice versa, whilst still in motion, that’s your gears grinding against each other. Considering in a typical gearbox, first and reverse are the most commonly first destroyed gears, it makes sense to want to protect them a little. So, make sure before you change direction, you come to a complete stop, then put the car in gear, and then keep moving.

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