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As leading Perth auto recyclers, the team at Perth Parts are excited as we now have Holden Colorado Engine and Transmissions in our parts catalogue. As the four wheel drives become more popular, we expect to continue stocking many parts across the Colorado and Colorado 7 range.

The new and improved Holden Colorado boasts a 2.8L Duramax engine, and comes with fancy features like Roll Over Mitigation and Hill Descent control, not to mention the five star ANCAP rating. But what do you do if you were particularly adventurous on the weekend getaway and damaged your Colorado engine or perhaps ventured up a hill that has damaged your transmission?

You call Perth Parts for the environmentally and wallet friendly alternative to costly repairs. You can even ask your mechanic to source spare parts as needed, and we are only too happy to help out.

What if you are notorious for grinding gears, and its finally taken a toll on your Colorado transmission system? That’s another call to Perth Parts. We can help you get back on track with a new low kilometre second hand transmission.

Often when vehicles are written off, we are left with a lot of perfectly sound and useable parts, we at Perth Parts complete safety checks on all of our salvaged or refurbished parts and we make sure that any accidents have not caused irreparable damage to the engine or transmission before we remove and restore them. We do this for all of the vehicles that come into our yard, including the Holden Colorado and its many friends across the four wheel drive category.

We promise we have heard all of the mishaps and stories of how you came to needing a new Colorado engine or transmission and we can say you are not alone. There are plenty of other drivers who have had water suck in through the engine and blown the engine up, rendering the vehicle immovable and requiring a whole new engine replacement. Luckily, Perth Parts are on hand with your replacement Colorado engine, at a fraction of the price of new.

So whether your weekend away was a success or you need a helping hand getting your Colorado back out there, Perth Parts are the team you want for all of your Holden Colorado engine and transmission replacement needs.

When something breaks and your Holden Colorado needs a new part, why not source an environmentally friendly, recycled part from the team at Perth Parts? We stock both the Colorado ute and the Colorado 7 SUV parts. As the leading auto wreckers and recyclers in Perth, we have engines and transmission systems for the Holden Colorado in stock along with a swathe of other 4WD parts, panels and everything in between. Remember, our reconditioned and recycled parts also come with a warranty as standard, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to get your Colorado back on the road faster and hassle free with shipping Australia wide; or we can deliver to your Perth Metro address instead.

Call the friendly Perth Parts team on 08 9209 3900 for all your Holden Colorado needs.


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  1. Tyrone Talma says:

    hey guys ive got a 2018 rg colorado 2.8l manual and threw a rod through the block holden want 16k for a new engine and thats half the price of the car and not worth it so im chasing a second hand engine.


    • David Shine says:

      Can I ask how much it was for a secondhand one? In a similar situation with needing a new engine for a 2017 TB after it busted a coolant hose and cooked.

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