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With the holiday season upon us, it’s almost time for the annual family road trip or holiday. Even in these current times, it’s easy to say there will still be a number of families travelling around the country via the roads this holiday break. Whether it’s to visit family for Christmas, or to take a well earned break and see parts of the country not seen or even just to your favourite holiday spot.

There are a number of factors to consider before you start your road trip. As always, first and foremost is safety on the road. Make sure during this silly season, you not only watch the drinks you might have, but check your destination and whether they use the double demerit point system. Nothing ruins a holiday quicker than a fine or worse, losing your licence.

There will also be an increased number of people travelling this year. This year in particular, we have been forced to stay home, and only leave for essential travel. With travel bans lifting and borders opening, not only will there be more people moving around, there will be more interstate travel and increased traffic.

Another factor many may not consider, is that your family vehicle may not have been used as much this year as in previous years, so will need some extra love and attention before you get on the road. If you cannot get into your mechanic before you leave, the best things to check are your engine fluids to start. Make sure you have the right levels of coolant, brake fluid, and oil. If its been a while, an oil change is a good idea, that way you leave with fresh oil and a fresh filter to remove any nasties that may be hiding in your engine. Brakes are a must, especially if you have noticed a shudder under braking. These should be left to the professionals if you aren’t confident, and remember there are mobile mechanics who can come to you, if you cant get to see your normal mechanic in time.

If your road trip is lengthy, you can stock up on spare fluids or parts, this is especially important if you intend to head off road. You never know when the spare bottle of power steering fluid will come in handy, and its always better to be prepared.

Finally, tyres. With supply issues, a lot of tyre stores are running low on stock, but should know when they may receive a new shipment and be able to help you by putting any aside you may need. Uneven wear to your tyres can cause a multitude of problems, and the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the highway with a flat tyre and a bald spare. Same goes for a caravan or camper you may tow. The tyres on your caravan or camper trailer should be checked just as frequently.

One last point before you take your great road trip this Christmas, sleep. There will be more cars on the road, which means you will need to pay extra attention, and when you’re tired, you run the risk of accidents or injury and its just not worth it.

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