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When your car is damaged in an accident, you’ll have to face the decision whether to get it repaired or to get rid of it. In addition to regular maintenance, these repairs are often expensive and time-consuming, so it’s important to think critically about whether it’s worth it or not.

Crunching the Numbers

As much as you may love your current car, you should think about the basic numbers. You can get a quick estimate of the cost of your current vehicle online. When you know all of the parts that will need replacement or fixing, add them up and do the calculation. Factor in whether or not you’ll be receiving any money from your car insurance. Every vehicle gets to a certain point where doing all of the necessary repairs will be more than what the car is worth in the first place.

Your Vehicle’s Value

We often have some sort of personal connection to our vehicles. It’s not uncommon to get into a collision and dread getting rid of your car, even if it’s technically more expensive to fix. Sometimes repairing the damage your car if the numbers don’t add up can be worth it if it means more years out of it. But, there’s always that point of no return where you have to say goodbye rather than spend thousands more over time for a car that isn’t pulling through.


If you’re spending a high couple of hundred dollars on maintenance every few months, it may still be worth it to keep your car as it could end up being less than getting a new one. However, if you factor in lowered maintenance costs when purchasing a newer model, you may see that it’s worth it to get rid of your current one.

Body Repairs

Depending on how much repairs you need; if the damage is just cosmetic you can likely find the replacement parts for a relatively low cost. Getting a second opinion from a panel beater may be a good option if you’ve just been in an accident and have minor auto body repairs but no mechanical issues.

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical repairs are the tricky bit. It’s always a good idea to get a proper diagnosis if your car has just been in an accident to find damage you can’t see right away. If you avoid getting the right mechanical work done, you may find yourself with far more major problems halfway down the highway.

The Wrecker or the Road?

If your car has irreparable damage, or getting it fixed would be a waste of time and money, you should consider taking your car to a wrecker. You can get a great price selling your car for parts to a yard, and use that money as a deposit for your next vehicle. Feel free to give the Perth Parts experts a call if you have any queries related to selling your cars parts.

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