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Australia has a lot of hidden places to explore, unfortunately, some of the best places require a four-wheel drive to get there. Of course, with this kind of adventure, there are bound to be mishaps and accidents. So how do you keep from exploding the cost of owning a 4WD? You talk to Perth Parts whenever you need new parts for your vehicle to get it back off road in no time, at a reasonable cost. Perth Parts have a range of 4WD parts and panels in stock ready to go as well as a partner network on standby ready to assist. We have also put together a few tips to avoid accidents and issues on the road less travelled, but if something does go wrong, you know which team is here to help you back on track and having fun in your new, or old, 4WD.


The biggest mistake anyone can make when heading off road is not being prepared. Recovery situations can be highly stressful for all parties and if you are in an unpopulated area, can take quite a toll. If you are new to 4WDing its always best to go in a group, with experienced drivers who can help you if you end up in a bind and can provide advice on how they overcame obstacles. Otherwise there are always the 4WD courses you can take before hitting the beach or dirt tracks. These courses are designed to give you the basic skills to get yourself out of trouble, or avoid trouble altogether.



Knowing what you want to be capable of doing off road is the biggest hurdle, then you need to find a vehicle that will get you there. The last thing anyone wants is to purchase a new 4WD only to discover it will not go where you want to go or is not capable of tackling the terrain you are off to discover. There will always be some form of modifications you need to make to the vehicle, generally most vehicles are not off road ready on the showroom floor. Those modifications shouldn’t break the bank and shouldn’t be a laundry list of changes either. If it is, consider that that 4WD is not the one for you and keep looking.



If you never plan to take the 4WD into rough territory, you do not need the giant winch or supersized tyres, these are an unnecessary expense for a vehicle that spends its days on paved roads. They can also cause damage to the vehicle and impact drivability if not correctly fitted. Its best to only purchase the accessories you know you will need. Do your research here and you can save yourself thousands.



If you have too much gear loaded into your vehicle, you will definitely notice a drop in power, not to mention your suspension is probably whining as well. Pack the essentials and be mindful of the surface you are travelling on. Having the appropriate tyres and suspension helps more than one would believe in these situations.



If you are in a group, there are some things to remember so your adventure doesn’t turn sour. When travelling in a group, watch out for the guy behind you. Let them know if traffic is coming, or any hazards and if you are at the front of the group, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone knows where they are going. When changing directions, make sure the people behind you can see where you are heading and don’t let the back of the group lag too far behind. The last thing you want is to be too separated from someone in your group who is having trouble or getting separated.


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