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The engine in your vehicle is the single most important component to keeping your car running for longer. So it make sense that ignoring engine related car problems could be catastrophic. In terms of time, money and inconvenience, having engine troubles and ignoring them, the stakes are high. Inspecting your vehicle regularly can help to spot these engine issues early, so you can act quickly when something does go wrong. So why ignore those car troubles when a cost effective solution exists? Salvaged parts can help keep your car running at its peak for longer and at a fraction of the price. That’s where Perth Parts comes in, we stock hundreds of parts across dozens of makes and models and we only ever salvage parts that we can resell with confidence, which is why our parts come with various warranties.

Possibly the biggest problem you might encounter with your engine is needing an engine replacement. This can be a costly exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. You can prevent the need for a replacement or at least prolong the need for it by listening to your engine and knowing when it needs some love and attention. We talk about some of the warning signs below.


Everything has a life span or a fail point and engine components are no different. Bearings can wear down, fail and simply give out at any time. So that knocking sound you can hear coming from the engine bay needs to be looked at as soon as possible. Its best to stop using the car until you can see your mechanic. Continuing to drive puts extra strain on the parts of the engine already under pressure from the breakdown of one component and will cause further parts to fail increasing the cost to you. Good news is that for the most part, the engine you need to replace can easily be sourced from Perth Parts at a fraction of the cost of new.

Excess Fuel Consumption

If you notice your fuel economy is dropping and your car is thirstier for fuel, there could be a number of reasons for that, all of which are symptoms of an engine that is not working properly. You’ll also notice a drop in power and speed, signifying it’s time to see a mechanic for a professional opinion.


This should be a pretty big indication that your engine is ready to fail. Generally backfiring occurs when there is a loss of compression in the engine and only a replacement or rebuild of the engine can fix this one; mainly because it impacts everything from the speed of your car to the durability of the engine and poses a risk to the overall safety of the vehicle.


Oil can be a big indicator of something being off with your engine. Whether you burn through oil quickly or it starts to form a sludge in the reservoir, both of these issues are resolved with a rebuild and are both symptoms and warning signs of an unhealthy engine.  We always recommend using the right oil to meet the manufacturers specifications.

Whether your car is into the mechanic for a service or major repair, there is never any harm in asking for spare parts over new.

Perth Parts have a massive selection of items to restore the reliability and performance of your vehicle in almost all aspects and as the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas, we can help you find what you need; we can even ship it across Australia. If you cannot find your replacement part, contact our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you find the part you need. We stock an extensive collection of parts across a range of makes from Dodge to Ford, Toyota to Nissan and numerous models from each range and we are constantly updating our collections.