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When it comes to recycled and spare parts, you will find no bigger experts than the team at Perth Parts. In fact, the team are not only experts, but also passionate, so they love what they do and at the heart of what they do is help their customers find the best deal and best parts for their needs. So, when it comes to the age-old question: Which is better? Old or New? The team at Perth Parts might be a bit biased, but truth be told there are times where your vehicle, and your hip pocket, would benefit from a recycled part over a new one.

Panels and Bumpers – Car accidents happen, and if you have been lucky enough not to be in one, no doubt you’ve seen the panel damage on someone else’s vehicle. Now some accidents really aren’t salvageable, and a new car is needed, however some of those parts are recyclable. You may see a fender bender where several panels on one side were damaged, but the others are perfectly intact, or an engine has seized and the rebuild cost exceeds the value of the vehicle itself. Some of the parts and panels are still useable in those situations and that’s where the benefit lies in used. Panels and bumpers can be expensive parts for your vehicle, and there is nothing cosmetically or structurally with a salvaged door or bumper, so save yourself the cost of new and come talk to the Perth Parts team.

Engine Parts – Some engine components are no longer built for a specific model only. Due to the manufacturing costs, you will often find a part fits many models and because of that, particularly in older vehicles, new is not always best. Whether its an oil pump or other major component, recycled parts can bring your car back to life at a fraction of the cost. Particularly older model and special vehicles where new parts may not be an option, recycled is best.

Switches and Sensors – Electrical components can be tricky and have a tendency to malfunction at the most inconvenient time. Switches and sensors as well as some other electrical components can be reused in other vehicles, giving them new a purpose and also reducing the load on the environment by reducing the manufacturing need. It’s also better to have a sensor built for your specific vehicle than one that might be a generic option to give you peace of mind that when the light on the dash comes on to check the engine, it’s a genuine fault, and not the fault of the sensor. If you have ever replaced a door panel, you would have also replaced the window switch, another part you can buy recycled to save on costs and any minor differences to the car’s interior. Sticking a new window switch in an older door that doesn’t match the rest would stick out and wear differently to the others.

Sticking to the parts that were made for your vehicle is always a smart choice, and so is Perth Parts for all your recycled parts needs. 

Perth Parts have a massive selection of items to restore the reliability and performance of your vehicle in almost all aspectsand as the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas, we can help you find what you need; we can even ship it across Australia. If you cannot find your replacement part, contact our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you find the part you need. We stock an extensive collection of parts across a range of makes from Dodge to Ford, Jeep to Nissan and numerous models from each range and we are constantly updating our collections.

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