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The team at Perth Parts takes great pride in their established reputation for sourcing the best spare car parts for a variety of vehicles and the peace of mind of warranties and guarantees. We are open to the general public and professionals alike. Replacing parts in your vehicle can be expensive, but with superior parts at Perth Parts, it doesn’t have to be. What are some of the most commonly replaced parts on your vehicle and how can the extensive range at Perth Parts help keep your costs down. As the premier parts dealer across Perth and servicing Australia as a whole, Perth Parts are here to help you find more cost-effective parts to reduce not only your costs but your carbon footprint.

Replacing parts can be one of the most frequent tasks of owning a vehicle; and can be an efficient solution if your vehicle is damaged. The team at Perth Parts has put together a list of the most commonly replaced parts for your vehicle, why they might need replacing and how Perth Parts can help you restore your vehicle to its prime.


A vehicle needs three things to start, ignition, spark and fuel; when starting your car takes longer than a second or two, it might be time to check the engine bay. The best place to start is the spark plugs, but if they are fine your battery could be on its last legs. The most common causes of battery deterioration are age, terminals that have corroded, hot climates, or an alternator that no longer charges the batter properly. Whilst Perth Parts doesn’t stock batteries, we would be remiss to skip this vital part of your vehicle.


It’s worth to check out your alternator if your battery keeps dying and it just turns and turns before starting up. Obviously the first thing would be is to test out your battery to see if you need to replace it and if it doesn’t then it could possibly be the alternator. Your alternator could fail because it is making a grinding or whining noise because the internal bearings have worned out or if there is an electrical burnt smell coming from the alternator. Remember an alternator main purpose is to provide power to the battery. It is designed to continuously charge the battery in order to provide power to the car’s electrical system. At Perth Parts we can supply quality genuine alternators at a fraction of a new price as well as recommending a reputable workshop to fit your parts.

Drive shaft and Struts

If your vehicle is driving in a way that might seem uneven or when going over speed bumps you hear a squeak or crunching noise it is time to check on your drive shafts and struts. These parts generally wear quickly on uneven, degraded road surfaces. The Perth Parts team can help you find the perfect set of shocks or struts for your vehicle. If we do not have the drive shaft or struts for your vehicle, we can source them through our partner network. We can even ship the parts around the country, so if we have the part you are looking for but can’t make it to the store, we can take care of you.

Brake Components

Brake components can degrade over the years and kilometres and even more so if brake fluid systems start to fail. Brakes are one of the key components of any vehicle and it is imperative that they perform their key role. We can help replace your callipers, abs booster assembly or modulator with one of our premium spare parts. Our parts are sourced from quality wrecked cars, where the parts need restoring, we will restore parts as well. We pride ourselves on safety and quality of our parts and provide warranties on our parts.
Some car parts need immediate replacing when they fail, others you may have some time to shop around. If you need spare parts for your vehicle, the team at Perth Parts are ready and waiting to assist.

Perth Parts is the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas and we ship across Australia. We make buying Perth spare parts and accessories effortless. If you cannot find your replacement part, contact our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you give your business an innovative difference. We stock many makes and modals from Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, Great Wall and more.

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    I am after a driver side tail light for a 2010 Toyota Camry altise please

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