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Maintaining your vehicle is essential in keeping it and you on the road; making knowing exactly what is being installed on your car vital. Having a mechanic provide a service for your vehicle and upgrade or update parts as part of that service may be the convenient option for most, how do you know you’re really getting what you’ve paid for? With some of the tasks able to be completed by yourself, why not do your own maintenance, so you know what kind of parts are in your car. The choice isn’t always ours to make though, sometimes the works are too laborious for our skills and at that point, a professional is best. However, when the maintenance can be done at home, the choice becomes a choice between brand new and refurbished parts.

So how do you make the choice? Here are some handy hints from the team at Perth Parts:

Independent Research
Ask anyone and they will tell you, before any purchase to do your research. We are in a world where information is at our fingertips, we would be silly not to. Now you can research the parts online and head in-store to check it out. Use your research to decide whether a spare part is more economical than a brand new part. With the Perth Parts, Spare Parts finder, you can check out our parts and then come down and chat to our friendly staff about our spare part guarantees and warranties.

Verify your Part!
Make sure you are purchasing the right part. Most parts will have a part number or can be matched to your make and model. The Perth Parts, Spare Parts Finder searches by your make and model so you know exactly which parts we have in stock that will fit your vehicle. You should note though, some parts are unique to certain engines and transmissions; come and talk to our friendly team if you see a part you like and if we don’t have the part ready to go, we can also assist in sourcing it through our network of suppliers.

Don’t be afraid to search in person
While it’s certainly normal to view or buy parts online, don’t be afraid to go in store to see the part you want to buy. Not only could you save on the price of posting the part, but you may also find other parts you need. The expert help you get in store from the team at Perth Parts is unparalleled and we can also contact our supplier network on your behalf, which is service you don’t normally see from an online retailer. You have a greater chance of finding the auto spare parts you need in-store, and you can also check the quality of your purchase before taking it home.

While new parts are often backed by manufacturer warranty, you cannot discount refurbished parts. Perth Parts offers a warranty on all its refurbished parts as well, for your peace of mind.
Not everyone can be qualified mechanics, and we know it’s not easy to discern every detail about the spare parts your car would need. However, it is always a good idea to have a basic understanding of the options open to you when replacing parts in your car to ensure they represent the best value for money. Next time you’re considering a mechanic for your car for a service, have a chat with your mechanic to ensure the parts going in your vehicle are the right choice for you and avoid paying exorbitant prices for value parts!

Perth Parts is the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas and we ship across Australia. We make buying Perth spare parts and accessories effortless. If you cannot find your replacement part, call our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you find the missing part or source it from our supplier network.