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Radiators are important to every vehicle. Responsible for assisting in cooling your engine and keeping it running at the right temperature. So, when radiators blow up or start to fail there are a couple of signs to look out for. They are simple symptoms, and an easy fix in most cases. We run through the easiest ways to replace your radiator when it does start to fail.



Usually the first indicator of an issue with your radiator is the puddle of coolant under your car. The other big indicator is your engine temperature repeatedly rising higher. There is also the idea that excessive use of coolant or engine oil might also be precursors to a radiator underperforming. This might be symptomatic to other issues though, so get that one checked before you run out and buy a new radiator.



The most common cause of a dodgy radiator is a leak somewhere in the radiator. This can be caused by a number of different things, but the most common is simply age. Other than this, there could be rust in the radiator, thermostat issues, damage, sludge or just the effects of weather extremes.


These issues can cause massive issues with cylinder heads, head gaskets, and even in extremes, melted engine parts and all of these are extremely expensive to fix, so its better to remove and replace the faulty part before the problem gets worse and more costly. That’s where Perth Parts comes in; we have radiators to suit so many vehicles, we should have one for your vehicle, and if we don’t, we can source it for you.


What Next?

Whilst some of the issues can be resolved if caught early on, but in a lot of cases, the damage is too far gone. Leaks however could be fixed by a stop leak sealant, but it’s only a stop gap measure and eventually you will need to replace the radiator. So, it’s time to find the replacement radiator.


Replacing the radiator sounds daunting, but in reality, it is a job you can do yourself with the right tools and a little gumption. The key consideration might just be that you’re saving money otherwise spent on a mechanic. If you don’t feel like you have the skills or even want to replace the radiator yourself, you can also ask your mechanic to use reclaimed parts, or even pre-purchase the radiator.



Sometimes it’s the thermostat that is the faulty part and there is nothing actually wrong with the radiator. The thermostat controls coolant flow to the radiator. It disperses heat with the coolant when the engine gets to temperature; a broken thermostat won’t do this causing air pressure to build up and could end up cracking your radiator.


Its not so hard once you think about it to replace the radiator, and hopefully it doesn’t seem so daunting.


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