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Perth Parts has a reputation for sourcing spare car parts for a range of makes and models backed by warranties and guarantees on the parts we sell.We are open 24/7 with our online search function and we ship across the country or can deliver straight to your door in the Perth Metro area. Even with all of these perks, how do you know when to replace parts that might be wearing before its time to completely replace the part? For the savvy part shopper it may be more cost effective to replace a strained part before it deteriorates and causes more damage. We have put together a quick checklist of parts to replace to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

How do you know?

Just like any other man made machine, your vehicle will show signs of age and that something is not quite right. It can be something a small as a knocking sound to a little more serious when the engine won’t turn over to concerning smoke coming out of the engine bay. There are a myriad of reasons these issues occur and a number of ways to resolve them. Addressing them quickly is a sure fire way of reducing costs as the quicker you start resolving a problem, the less damage and cost. Making sure your vehicle is in good condition, will keep it humming along despite its age.

When Used is Better
Body Panels and Bumpers

If you find yourself in an unfortunate accident, repairing the damage to your vehicle can be costly, especially when using brand new parts. By using second hand panels and parts, not only are you saving on cost, but also remaining environmentally friendly. All you need now is the know how to install the panel or part properly, and to make sure the panel is colour matched if you want.

Engine Components

Components of the engine bay are also just as good used as brand new.

Switches and Sensors

Purchasing a used ABS sensor may actually save you more money in the long term. A second hand sensor can tell you whether the brakes are working and make sure the lights in the dash are operating as expected.

Before you throw your hard earned money down on a new part, sensor or panel for your car, make sure you check out the online catalogue of parts at Perth Parts to see if we can help you get more bang for your buck.

For Better Fuel Economy

It’s not just serious parts of your vehicle that need to be replaced. Regular checks of disposable parts like spark plugs and air filters will keep your vehicle in check and make sure you aren’t left in the lurch. Check your tyres regularly too; uneven or worn tyres can cost you money in fuel economy and cause uneven wear on your car as well.

Perth Parts is the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas and we ship across Australia. We make buying Perth spare parts and accessories effortless. If you cannot find your replacement part, contact our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you give your business an innovative difference.