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During the holiday season, often our finances are stretched or depleted, so the last thing you need is a hefty mechanic bill, but it happens. Have you considered using salvaged parts from Perth Parts instead of buying brand new?  Whether the parts are for a Mazda, Volkswagen, Ford, or Honda, the team at Perth Parts have an extensive expertise and the skills to ensure each part salvaged from a wrecked vehicle is provided to our customers at the fraction of a cost of new. We see a lot of parts that are almost brand new but because they were on a vehicle involved in a terrible accident, they have ended up on the scrap heap despite being in perfect working order. That’s where Perth Parts comes in, we see the part, we remove it and put it on our shelves ready for you to come along. The parts are a fraction of the cost of new and have less impact on the environment through recycling and not needing a brand-new part to be manufactured. 

We at Perth Parts are confident you will find the right part at the right price and will find it to be as good in use as a brand-new part or panel, which is why we provide a guarantee on all parts we salvage and recover from wrecked vehicles. We stock a large range of vehicle parts and panels across a range of makes and if we don’t have the part in stock, our friendly team are happy to help source the part through our network of partners.

Are you having a difficult time finding car parts for your vehicle? Have you not considered salvaged or second-hand car parts for fear of safety issues? You can rest assured the Perth Parts team have painstakingly gone over every single part in our warehouse and provide their guarantee the part is in good working order without compromising your safety or the safety of your passengers. 

We also have vehicles you can search.

Ever looked for a genuine part only to find it has been discontinued? Your next thought may be to source an aftermarket part, but have you considered that the local wreckers or the team at Perth Parts may have the very part you need on their shelves. The parts are genuine parts from the manufacturer, which have been salvaged from a vehicle being wrecked. Reusing items from wrecked vehicles will keep your vehicle humming along for longer and at a fraction of the price.

It’s not just engine parts we recycle either, looking for a new door panel, window, back seat? We probably have it, you might just need to have it painted if it’s a panel and not the same colour as your vehicle. Aside from keeping your vehicle on the road, used parts provide you with a cost-effective alternative to brand new. Not only that, but some parts are re-engineered by manufacturers and so will not fit or work in older models, so wreckers become the best alternative.

Perth Parts have a massive selection of items to restore the reliability and performance of your vehicle in almost all aspectsand as the leading spare parts retailer in Perth and surrounding areas, we can help you find what you need this Christmas; we can even ship it across Australia. If you cannot find your replacement part, contact our team today on (08) 9209 3900 and let us help you give your business an innovative difference. From the team at Perth Parts, we would like to wish all of our customers both past and present a happy and safe holiday season, we look forward to helping you with your spare parts needs well into the new year and beyond.