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Get them started early – Car maintenance you can do with your littlest helper BLOG25/02/2018DIY25/02/2018

Whether its school holidays or the weekend, one thing is for sure, the kids need entertaining. Why not give them skills that will help them in later life by showing them the basics of vehicle maintenance whilst they are still fascinated by everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re restoring an old classic or just changing the oil on the daily driver, they will love to lend a hand and you will need spare parts. Those two simple things are just facts of life. While you’re getting help with your chores, the kids will learn valuable skills for when they are older and will remember that valuable time they spent. Teach them how to care for their future vehicles, and help them learn the basics.


Premium or Value? Know what your Parts and Accessories are worth BLOG12/02/2018DIY12/02/2018

Maintaining your vehicle is essential in keeping it and you on the road; making knowing exactly what is being installed on your car vital. Having a mechanic provide a service for your vehicle and upgrade or update parts as part of that service may be the convenient option for most, how do you know you’re really getting what you’ve paid for? With some of the tasks able to be completed by yourself, why not do your own maintenance, so you know what kind of parts are in your car. The choice isn’t always ours to make though, sometimes the works are too laborious for our skills and at that point, a professional is best. However, when the maintenance can be done at home, the choice becomes a choice between brand new and refurbished parts.


Are you ready for the Christmas and New Year break? BLOG20/12/2017DIY20/12/2017

Are you road tripping this Christmas and New Year break? Make sure you aren’t left on the side of the road by ensuring your vehicle is in tip top shape, before you set out on your adventure. For most of us Christmas is the largest break from work of the year and some of us like to escape the rat race and take the car, hit the road and see where it takes us. We’ve put together some handy hints and things to check before you set off on your Christmas adventure.


Maintaining your vehicle – Know the Basics BLOG14/11/2017DIY14/11/2017

Engine and Gearbox

These two fundamental components are responsible for the initial power and transfer to the wheels, and there are essential maintenance items that must be completed at specific times; which is why we generally have our vehicles serviced every six months depending on use. READ MORE