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As leading Perth auto recyclers, the team at Perth Parts are excited to announce we have just added the Volkswagen Amarok to our parts catalogue. As the Amarok becomes more popular, we expect to stock parts across the Amarok range.

The Volkswagen Amarok launched in 2011 and provided an alternative in the 4WD ute market. The Amarok has a lot of street appeal on the outside and plenty of personality under the bonnet too. The Amarok is built to conquer everything – on and off road. The Amarok is a giant leap forward for its class and as new models emerge on the market, the spare parts availability increases; Perth Parts is on board and ready to assist in your recycled parts needs.

Although the Amarok has the smallest engine capacity in the class the Amarok has ample power and is substantially larger inside and in the cargo tray than Hilux and Navara crew-cab utes.

It’s easy to get caught up by the brilliant engine under the bonnet of the Amarok, although mixed reviews are out on the rest of the engine system including the transmission, suspension and chassis. The new V6 engine however suits the Amarok family; power, torque, and comfort are all present in the new model and the interior is on par.  Unfortunately, improvements do need to be made in off-road clearance and angles, although this is an issue across the class. A simple fix is a quality suspension upgrade, although this will add to the cost of the Amarok and at roughly 60k depending on your location, the Amarok is already higher in the class for price and affordability.

The Amarok is an impressively refined drive and the cabin is impressively quiet compared to other vehicles in its class. Although marketed to the tradesmen of the world, the Amarok could easily be considered a daily driver as well.  For experienced 4WD enthusiast the Amarok takes a bit of getting used to. Using low throttle results in the Amarok feeling jerky, give it a bit more juice and you’re away in a perfectly capable off-road vehicle.

When something breaks and your Amarok needs a new part, why not source an environmentally friendly, recycled part from the team at Perth Parts? As the leading auto wreckers and recyclers in Perth, we now stock parts for the game changing Amarok along with a swathe of other 4WD parts. Remember, our reconditioned and recycled parts also come with a warranty as standard, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to get your Amarok back on the road faster and hassle free with online ordering and shipping Australia wide; or we can deliver to your Perth Metro address instead.

Call us on 08 9209 3900 for all your Amarok needs.

Want parts for your VW Amark? we are wrecking it now.

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