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Cars are not built to sit around and gather dust. If you go away for holidays, you ask someone to look after your car for you or you at least ask someone to start it every few days. This keeps the fluids running through the engine and stops them from settling and causing your engine to seize.

A seized engine is a big task to undertake and not one you want to do outside of a workshop. So, it’s best to keep those fluids running and take the car for small to medium length drives often enough to stop the fluids from settling.

Its unlikely that your everyday driver is going to suffer this fate, even with the current pandemic and restrictions on leaving the house. It’s the pride and joy that may suffer. If you have a project car or similar, then you are probably doing this anyway, but these cars are the most at risk. Along with older model vehicles, the older they get the more issues start to pop up.

So, if you are concerned your car might be at risk, follow the tips below to keep your car in tip top shape.

Engine and Gearbox

The two biggest components of any vehicle, and they are responsible for the major functions of the car too. These components, along with a number of others, require engine oil to keep lubricated, and prevent seizing. Invest in some good quality engine oil and complete an oil change including filter on your vehicle. Just make sure you take note of the day, type of oil and odometer reading so you can pass this to your mechanic at your next service.

The Cooling System

Your radiator is key to keeping your engine block cool, making sure your coolant is topped up and belts are in fine working order helps keep this whole system in check. Just remember, never open the radiator when the engine has been running.


Depending on where your vehicle is being stored, the tyres can deteriorate at different rates due to the environment. A car that is garaged and free from environmental factors will not have as much trouble as one parked in an open-air car park. Always check the tyres for any slow leaks before driving anyway. A visual check of the tyre will also give you an indication of how the pressure is and whether a top up is needed.


The other crucial component of any vehicle. Brakes can deteriorate over time, especially if the pads or callipers are left exposed for long periods of time to the elements. There is also brake fluid to consider, make sure to check it each time you inspect your vehicle. If you notice a deficit or screeching noise when you apply the brakes, take it to your mechanic or local brake repair place for replacement pads.

Part Replacement

Despite all of our best efforts, sometimes parts just break, or they wear and it’s time to replace them. Just remember that recycled parts like those on the shelves at Perth Parts are a great substitute on price, compared to brand new and they are built for your car, so check out our online parts finder to see if what you need is there. 

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