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Finding a second hand part for your vehicle that you need can be a huge challenge at times. Making sure it then works, and ultimately lasts, can be a bigger one. There are a number of factors and variables that will influence what kind of warranty the wreckers will be able to offer you. We will try and help you understand what warranties you should expect and what may be offered and why they may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We are the expert’s choice for Jap wreckers in Perth.

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In general the most important aspect with the type of warranty you could expect on a recycled part, is the type of part you are buying.  I’ve split this into the three basic vehicle parts; electrical, mechanical and body parts.

Electrical Parts

This group of parts includes the entertainment system, the starter motor, alternator, window switches, and other electric automotive parts.  There are recyclers that simply do not offer warranties on these products because of the complex nature of auto electrics and the past practice of mechanics and auto electricians that just use the replacement part just for diagnostic purposes. However, I the world of recycling used auto parts, no matter however many checks may have been carried out, there remains the possibility the part may have underlying issues. For peace of mind, any decent car yard should provide a warranty for the part in some form.

Perth Parts Solutions offer a warranty on everything, including electrical components unless stated otherwise. This allows you to go away and install the product knowing that it has a guarantee. We are seeing more and more hybrid and electrical vehicles on the roads now, so replacing electrical parts and batteries is going to become a lot more prevalent that it has been previously. Perth Parts Solutions has become the number one choice as Japanese wreckers in Perth for a reason.

Mechanical Parts

Any vehicle’s mechanical parts are those parts that have moving components and mechanical functions that are not electric.  These include the motor, transmission, front and rear axle assembly, transfer case, as well as the gear differential and many, many more.

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Here’s where the warranty you might get requires the most consideration, as they are the most likely to have some sort of failure.  If you are looking for a replacement, it usually means that the same part on your vehicle has failed – the moving parts have worn which has eventually created issues or failed totally. It’s a sign that these parts are prone to excessive wear and tear! This is why we offer a wide range of industry standard warranties so it will allow enough road time to demonstrate that everything is in order. We are the specialist Japanese wreckers in Perth and carry the most extensive catalogue of Mazda parts in Perth and Western Australia.

Major purchases like engines or transmissions may offer warranties valid for longer periods of time.  Perth Parts Solutions are one of the few auto recyclers to also offer a Parts & Labour Warranty on all of our second hand partsThe “Plus” warranty is great value, should there be an issue with the replacement part it makes economic sense given the high cost of labor to replace a motor, transmission, or other major component.  It is basically insurance that helps to cover the labour cost in the event of a defect.  Bear in mind that this type of coverage is not standard in the second hand parts business.

Body and Suspension Parts

Generally speaking, it’s only ever a crash that damages body parts, although some suspension components can wear out if they have had a tough life – which is not uncommon in Western Australia. Warranties aren’t quite as important here as they are less likely to fail, although they are still subject to all of our warranty plans which will give our customers some flexibility in regards to making sure they are fit for purpose. The leading Jap wreckers in Perth carry a complete range and are right on your doorstep.

Sometimes for more expensive parts, it may be worth investing in an extended or more comprehensive warranty. Our friendly and professional sales team can help you find what part will suit your needs and discuss what warranty plan may suit your driving demands.

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  1. Ashley Turns says:

    My husband and I are looking for some new second-hand car parts to use in my vehicle and we’re wondering what kind of warranties we may be able to get with them. So thanks for letting us know that bigger things like transmissions or engines will be the most likely option to give you one that is valid for longer. Since we do have to replace the transmission in my car, I will definitely be looking to buying second-hand parts that do come with a warranty that will last a while.

  2. It is a well method to manage exhort the purchasers and the auto sweethearts about their dream auto.

  3. Heathfield says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Warranties and conditions offered will vary from dealer to dealer. Before buying it is important to work out the best level of guarantee for your second-hand parts purchase, research online or talk to your local auto parts recycler or mechanic.

  4. Rodney says:

    What is the warranty on a second hand starter motor

  5. Tom says:

    Great informative post. Many people are often confused by this but they need to remember they are buying a “used” part. It is cheaper because it is not new, but as mentioned most sellers will provide some sort of warranty. Always best to check with the seller first. Cheers.

  6. Admin says:

    At Perth Parts Solutions we offer a start-up warranty on electrical components such as a starter motor which means if it has been fitted correctly and fails on start-up then we will replace the part.

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