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Over half a million cars each year end up in auto recyclers and wrecker yards across Australia every year. Recycling car parts is becoming more and more popular, not just for the benefit to the environment but also for the hip pocket. Still, more and more vehicles make their way to landfill, and these vehicles still have very useable parts.

Why Recycle?

Recycling car parts assists the environment, for each part that is recycled, a new one does not need to be manufactured, saving the materials for another use and reducing the need to mine more natural resources. Not to mention, a recycled part is usually half the cost of a brand-new part. The flow on effects from recycling can be extensive and as far reaching as less pollution and less waste. So, what are some of the parts that can recycled and what can you look for at your local recyclers like Perth Parts. In addition to the usual parts did you know you could recycle the below?


Batteries which contain lead are extremely toxic to the environment, so recycling them for parts is better than releasing the toxic chemicals back into the environment and it takes a lot less energy to salvage lead from old batteries than to produce it from iron ore.


Ever wondered what happens to your tyres once they are no longer safe for your vehicle? A large portion are dumped, but tyres can be recycled into many other items such as insulation, planters and road surfacing.

Scrap Metal

Each vehicle contains so much steel, when you take your vehicle to a recycler or wreckers, often the recyclable parts are removed, and the steel is sent to be melted down. It can then be rolled into new steel and reused in many other applications, at a fraction of the cost in mining new ore.


Glass in vehicles can be a pain to try and replace, its tempered or laminated and trying find a piece that fits can be costly or difficult to find. So why not look for a recycled glass panel? Glass can also be melted down to create new glass for many applications.


Rubber and carpet mats can be hard to dispose of, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. Carpets and rubber can both be recycled or reused in other ways such as floor coverings and furniture, just to name a few.

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